Flag Design Gallery

The innitial round of voting to help the Spokane Flag Commission narrow down possible flag designs for the City of Spokane has ended. The designs are still available to view, but you won’t be able to send them some love. The Spokane Flag Commission will now review the 100 most popular designs and narrow them down to a small slate to put up for a public vote. Thank you for all your help in selecting a new identity for Spokane’s flag.

Thank you to all our artists, designers, and dreamers who submitted design ideas for Spokane’s new city flag. With over 300 designs to consider, the Spokane Flag Commission needs your help narrowing down all of the possibilities.

Each design has a heart icon. Click that heart to show a design a little love. The Spokane Flag Commission will use this information to guide their selection and creation of a much smaller number of flag designs for residents to vote for in spring of 2021.

If you change your mind about a particular design, click the undo swirl. You can like as many designs as you wish. Have fun and happy browsing.